Small business ideas very profitable and inexpensive 2021

Small business ideas very profitable and inexpensive 2021

Small business ideas very profitable and inexpensive 2021

Owning a small profitable business has become a pipe dream for most young people who want to start a new career and achieve financial independence. However, the most common challenge they face after raising capital is the difficulty in coming up with a viable business idea. As a result, we're attempting to shed light on a few small projects that are both profitable and inexpensive, and some of them don't 
require much experience.

You must understand that starting a business does not come with all of your money, so the project may not succeed and the loss will be greater, so you must always complete a comprehensive feasibility study in order to have an integrated background about the project.. so that it is on the list of success or failure with the least losses.

: 9 profitable and inexpensive small projects

Here are 9 very profitable and low-cost small business ideas that can be run alongside your main business because you don't need much experience:

Cleaning apartments and  stairs

A project to gather more than ten cleaning workers, then make advertisements in order to clean apartments and building stairs with an enticing monthly subscription, despite the fact that it is considered a small project, but it is extremely profitable. (This is a mini-idea for cleaning companies; companies target government departments and institutions, whereas our idea targets buildings and residences.)

Project to sell used furniture

Used furniture has grown in popularity as a result of the poor economic conditions in most Arab countries. Now is the time to begin purchasing used furniture from a variety of sources and reselling it in the same condition or after maintenance and renewal. Consider the living and dining rooms, the kitchens, the washing machines, the refrigerators, the air conditioners, and the offices... Choose an appropriate location, as well as an appealing presentation and arrangement.

Purchase used furniture from auctions, furnished apartments, hotels, and classified advertisements. There are numerous benefits to starting this business. It is very profitable because it does not require any special skills or equipment, it has a low initial investment and low monthly operating costs, and it has a high profit potential.

Perfume and perfume manufacturing

Small business ideas are endlessly profitable and low-cost. Yes, indeed! You can learn how to make perfumes, buy raw materials, make them yourself, and sell them for a profit. You can sell them to relatives, friends, and neighbors... and you can distribute them to barbershops or ladies' coiffures due to the high demand for them.

Trade in technical accessories

The luxuries and accessories that complement the work of the latest laptops, phones, and small portable electronic devices all have a higher price when they are far from their place of manufacture in various countries, and these goods are manufactured for the purpose of wholesale and thus their price is cheap and easy to buy large quantities of them, which facilitates the re Sell

Car accessory manufacturing

If you're looking for profitable and low-cost projects, this is a great option. You can make medals, drawings, and other accessories in different parts of the car and sell them to spare parts and car accessory stores because they are plentiful, sell at reasonable prices, and are inexpensive to produce.

Services for translation

In an economy that is rapidly globalizing, the demand for translation services is increasing. They are services that individuals and companies need, for private or commercial purposes. For companies, it always needs to communicate with customers and companies from around the world, and it also needs translation in the field of marketing and the content that companies provide on their websites.

Professional Blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more popular and is becoming a microcosm. The tools available to bloggers increased, so what used to require effort and advanced technical knowledge is now easily possible with a few clicks of the mouse. And the perception of making a profit from blogging changed, after it was far from mind, until the concept became common, acceptable, and applicable. The term "professional blogging" has come to describe profit-oriented blogging.

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Telephone accessories industry

Mobile accessories are manufactured based on leather, fabrics, cardboard, sequins, etc., and you can get good models and try to produce similar models, but with your technical touch and try to market them to mobile shop owners, they are many, and very good profits can be achieved through this project, as it is one of a group Successful small projects that make good profits.


Earning money from the Internet through electronic commerce, which is a type of modern commerce that depends on the role of the Internet in supporting it, by providing a set of useful means and tools in many commercial fields, and includes advertising products and goods through the creation of websites, or Social Media.

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These were 9 very profitable and inexpensive small business ideas in which you could find one that works for you, and you can rely on yourself to get one of your own. But your choice should not be a mere imitation of others, as many people do when they imitate existing projects without taking into account the different circumstances, surroundings and business climate. And if you insist on imitation, you should start from where others have finished developing and improving, the market is ruthless, and the customer is smarter than everyone else.

Profitable projects:  feasibility studies for small projects for free

6 ways to run a profitable and low-cost small business

If you haven't found a project idea that suits you, we recommend the following six main sources for very profitable project ideas, which are the foundation of any 
successful project:

  1. An activity that stems from, or is similar to, your current job, or one that is close to it.
  2. Your interests or hobbies in your favorite activities.
  3. Looking for the needs and desires of the society in which you live, and determining why there isn't such-and-such a project or idea-such.
  4. Some weaknesses and shortcomings in other people's products and services, or the completion of a project - an existing product on the market or an existing idea
  5. Developing new approaches to addressing some of the existing issues.
  6. Changes in technology or new developments.