The top 9 jobs that recruit in IT

Are you looking for a job in the IT sector? Discover the top 10 jobs of the future!

The IT sector is hiring a lot, African and French companies are many looking for new qualified professionals to respond to technological and digital developments. There are new jobs… and therefore new training courses to train there!

Occupations that recruit in IT technology

The IT professions combine technology, logic or analysis, with big data for example. Nevertheless, some of them are leaning more towards a particular area. Today, the web needs its technicians to function and develop. Focus on the technical professions that recruit in IT.

1. Developer

Two types of specialties for developers: web and mobile.

Web developer

The IT developer is responsible for building computer programs for his clients. He analyzes their needs, creates a project for them and carries it out. He must know computer languages at his fingertips in order to be able to design a program in its entirety. They may also be responsible for technical monitoring of the program if the company for which they created it does not have a Field Engineer. The IT developer has to be very rigorous, because everything related to computer programs requires extreme precision.

2. Webmestre

Le webmestre est le gestionnaire d’un site web : il est en charge de son bon fonctionnement au quotidien. Ils doivent avoir des compétences techniques avancées, mais aussi des compétences d’écriture (qui peuvent être utilisées pour écrire ou modifier du contenu par exemple). Parfois c’est même le webmaster qui est responsable de la conception initiale du site (une bonne connaissance des langages informatiques est alors essentielle).

3. Webdesigner

If you want to work in the field of computer science, but you have a more creative profile than mathematicians, the job of webdesigner is for you!

The webdesigner works for a client who asks him to take care of the visual identity of his website. It is therefore responsible for producing graphic elements such as illustrations, banners, flash animations, wallpapers and sometimes even logos. The goal is to make the site attractive and give it a unique identity that will captivate the user. To be a webdesigner you have to be creative, but not only: a great knowledge of the world of IT is necessary

4. Technical web project manager

The technical web project manager is responsible for supervising a team of developers. It is his responsibility to respect the specifications and to find solutions in the event of a technical problem.

To become a technical web project manager, you must have a Bac+3 or Bac+5 level in computer science, but especially have several years of experience as a computer developer.

Occupations that recruit in IT analysis

The IT professions require analysts, able to understand the challenges of the sector. They also have in hand the web strategies of their company and are in charge of increasing the performance according to the data.

5. Traffic Manager

The traffic manager works in companies that market their products or services on the internet. Its mission is to increase the profitability, visibility, contact acquisition and therefore the sales of the website. To do this, he organizes the webmarketing strategy of the company he works for.

He is the one who creates advertising campaigns, puts them online and takes care of their management and their proper functioning.

He can work in a company (e-business, e-commerce or e-marketing), advertising agency or communication agency.

Traffic manager is an unknown specialization and few students decide to get into this business. As a result, French companies today lack qualified and truly specialized professionals in the field of traffic.

6. Engineer and Academic Staff, IT Research & Development

The profession of computer engineer is the most important profession that can be attained after studies in the field of computer science. Computer Engineer is a generic title that includes many specialties. Thus, many engineers are specialized in:

the architecture of the computer

the network

the software

artificial intelligence

At present, French companies complain that they do not have enough qualified computer engineers on hand. If you want to embark on training to practice this profession, know that the occupational integration is rather good. Despite the crisis, there is only 5 to 5.9% unemployment among IT engineers (against 8.7% in other IT professions). French companies are constantly looking for highly qualified and competent profiles in their field.

To practice this profession, it is necessary to complete a training in engineering school in computer science (Bac+5). These are very advanced studies that will require a great investment on your part as well as a great deal of rigour.

7. Cloud Computing Specialist

Cloud computing is a new trend that is only in its infancy, but it has a bright future, according to industry experts. This is a way for companies to store their applications and all their data on the web and no longer on computers. Big advantage: in case of system failure, all data is still available via internet. This new technology is becoming increasingly popular with companies: it allows a more secure storage and corresponds to the air of time.

Cloud computing specialists are highly sought after by companies. Very recent technology, there are few, but the demand is great and is likely to grow significantly in the years to come.

These professionals are mostly engineers who have decided to specialize in the development of network architecture and thus in Cloud Computing. To practice this profession, it is recommended to do a master’s degree in computer engineering school. However, computer schools and university courses such as the Master in Computer Science can be effective alternatives.

8. Web Analytics Consultant

The web analytics consultant works for companies that have a website and want to know all the statistics on it. He studies and measures his attendance and performance and defines his client’s needs in order to provide him with a solution to make his site evolve.

His mission is in some way to identify the weaknesses of his client’s website and to help him build a successful strategy for the future. As the Internet space is increasingly important, more and more companies are using this kind of professionals.

The best way to become a web analytics consultant is to have completed a business school and to have specialized in webmarketing.

9. Cyber Expert

Its role? Secure all the data of the company for which it works, as well as its website. It must detect all security vulnerabilities in the system in order to anticipate and prevent intrusions from hackers or hackers. A computer expert, he regularly updates his knowledge in this field in order to be up to date on the latest internet threats. He has almost a project manager role, since he sometimes has to sensitize his colleagues about the potential vulnerability of the system or even conduct IT projects with other professionals. His sense of anticipation is very good, his computer knowledge excellent.