The keys to successful first 10 sales on the internet

Finding products and creating an e-commerce site are the first steps to go online. The next step is to generate your first sales. Success with your first online sales is very important when it comes to starting an e-commerce business. These are the ones that will give you the most happiness and especially those that will allow you to refine your sales strategy on the internet. Naturally, the first online sales are also the most difficult to obtain.

In this article, we’ll give you ten tips for getting your first customers quickly. This should allow you to get off to a good start and, above all, to understand what works or does not work for your online sales activity.

Your Goal: 10 online sales

The goal is to reach these top ten sales using the following ten tips. Try to understand how each of these channels work to sell online and establish which ones work best for what you have to sell.

1- Send an e-mail to your pre-registered list

To succeed in your first online sales, creating excitement for your business launch is the first step. Use MailChimp to record the email addresses of your future customers. Creating a pre-launch list is also a good way to test your online sales idea before you actually invest in your entrepreneurial adventure.

This pre-registered list will be the basis of your first marketing campaign. It must include all the leads you have identified. As well as anyone who has expressed an interest in your business or the products and services you have for sale online.

Our first tip is to send an e-mail to this list to announce the launch of your online sales site.

2- Sell to your personal network

Your family and friends are the people who trust you the most. They are also the ones who will be the easiest to ‘convert’. This will allow you to succeed your first online sales more easily. This does not mean that you have to harass all members of your family but it will allow you to practice your commercial speech and test the images and texts that work best to cross the step of the order.

Feel free to confront your network members with your online sales site to see how they navigate.

3- Organize a contest and samples

Free promotions or samples are always good ways to attract undecided prospects. Although you should not abuse it at the risk of seeing its margin shrink drastically, it is a good technique to start online sales and increase the virality of your offer.

Promotions will not only increase your chances of successful first sales online, but also increase traffic to your website and product pages.

4- Sell to friends via social media

Already have your first online sales? It is now time to target the ‘influencers’, the most active people on social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Step one: Review the connections in your first circle and identify people interested in your industry. To do this you can use the Facebook search bar (social graph search) and perform a Google search on keywords and expressions that interest you.

Once the 'influencers' have been identified, contact them personally to ask them for their opinions on your product. Offer them a discount in exchange for a share of your product page or a link to your online sales site.

5- Linking sites and classifieds

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you must try all distribution channels to sell online. Feel free to include online sales platform types such as LeBonCoin that have a high volume of traffic.

It is sometimes possible to add the URL link to your product pages. In order to improve their SEO and at the same time that of your online sales site also.

6- The forums

Forums are also channels not to be overlooked when it comes to selling online. Participate in discussions about your business and become an “influencer”. This is a fundamental step in gaining awareness and trust from your community and getting your e-commerce business off the ground. A quick Google search will allow you to identify sites where it is interesting to add comments. But also to answer questions from Internet users who love your subject of expertise.

7- Launch an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads

Creating a merchant website or creating your online sales site is not enough to sell online. As mentioned previously, “You must try all distribution channels to sell online.” Social networks are essential in terms of promotion and communication.

This may seem a bit complicated at first, but the Facebook Ads platform allows you to carry out highly targeted advertising campaigns that can have a considerable impact on your online sales activity in its early hours.

It is essential to define your target in order to calibrate your advertising campaign. Then you will have to refine your campaign, its texts, its photos in order to obtain the best results at a lower cost.

This step will help you find the perfect pitch that will then boost your online sales.

8- Set up Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the most established online advertising network. Its use is certainly complex but there are many guides to get by without wasting time.

The key to success is to refine your campaigns on a day-to-day basis. Launching a campaign without optimizing it on a daily basis is like throwing money out the window. You need to identify what works and eliminate what doesn’t work to hopefully gain new customers and increase your online sales.

9- Blog

A good online sales site comes with a blog. Talk about yourself, your passion, your expertise and your products. Your blog should bring value to readers, it should be informative and entertaining at the same time. Add links and quotes from influencers in your area. Send a tweet to your followers to warn them of the publication of your article.

Share your blog posts on social networks. Improve the natural SEO of your internet sales site. The more you write, the more content you give to Google and other search engines. Thus optimizing the referencing of your online sales site during the next searches of users.

10- Affiliation and sponsorship

If you have done the above, you must have already done some online sales. It is now important to capitalize on your customer base by encouraging them to talk about your products, share your sales pages and links to your online sales site itself.

To do this, you need to ask your past customers for feedback and ask them if anyone in their circle might be interested in your products or services.